Someone beautifully and succinctly captures the essence of why Rian Johnson did my favorite hero of all time justice.

Enjoy, and may the force be with you.


Does anyone remember this EP?

Hip Hop for Respect

I’ve been hoping that some of my favorite artists would come together to create a new volume, continuing on the tradition of coming together in the face of injustice.

It’s my second full shift at the library, but my 4th overall for this, my 3rd summer as a seasonal employee, and I’m just getting to what has become an opening ritual of sorts: crafting my welcome back post. With this rite comes the obligatory, preparatory task of checking in on last summer’s blogs, ostensibly because it’s a fair assumption that I’ve let it grow stale over the ensuing school year. I was greeted, on my “professional blog”, with a wish-list of summer activities – from books to read to passions to pursue.

Most of which, as is custom, went undone. Sure, I read several different titles in place of others, and found time to dig deep into pursuits other than those I sought, but a weight remains – here, a year or so removed from that seemingly naive post – that I can’t seem to shake.

Is it regret for time lost or the dread of inevitability, that this string of unrequited desires is cyclical? Or is it something more pessimistic – an invisible fetter against the very action I’m hoping to accomplish, to spend time well?

With those questions looming, here as I type this, present in this moment of clicking keys, worst-case-scenarios, and wavering confidence, I can’t help but hold onto hope. Perhaps the promise of summer is still fresh, perhaps it is my inner Jedi, or perhaps it is something more primal. The latter, I think. An indescribable knowledge that, even if in fits and starts, I will make of my time what I need. Need need, not just the often bandied about version, but its more visceral core. Even thinking about that hours-long session – hacking away at the keys of my Mac, cranking out 15 pages in one sitting – brings me to a point of fulfillment I can return to, like an idyllic safe-harbor manifested in one’s mind at the beginning of meditation, the final conscious manifestation before abandon, and the place to which one returns before grounding.

And it is there where I find solace for my thoughts now.

So what of this summer?

Read. Write. Draw. Make music. Will the details be fleshed out?

Maybe I’ll get to that, maybe I won’t.

Happy Birthday to the Goddess of Goth, Siouxsie Sioux. Here’s the video for the stunning, perfectly genre-emblematic first song from the masterful album Juju.


Juju is one of my favorite albums of all time, and one that defines goth music.

What’s the name for the distinct urge to listen to Binary Star and draw without a plan in mind? 

I can’t be the only one who’s immediately compelled to start freestyling as soon as “Without a Doubt” by The Roots comes on, right? Bars blasphemously floating over Black Thought’s.

Without a Doubt

While we’re talking freestyling, I’m not the only one who weaves an apology into his freestyle whenever he messes up or repeats himself, even when alone, right? 

This list has popped up on my feed a few times, as well as an article asking whether Em has another classic in him. But have we asked ourselves whether he’s ever made a classic? Marshall Mathers was dope, but classic? Suspect. Not classic. 

Also, the first D12 and the Bad vs. Evil album should be 3 & 4.