He came into my life a little late, and left this world way too early. Jimi Hendrix IS the sixties. As much as I love The Doors (and I LOVE The Doors), Hendrix really encapsulated the sixties. And it was more than just the Star Spangled Banner.

And no, I wasn’t alive back then so I get it – I don’t really get it. But listen to that voice. Listen to that guitar work. It’s like he couldn’t get close enough to the music. He wanted to be of it. And I think he achieved it. Perhaps its the strange way I perceive things, but it seems to me like he made of music. It wasn’t something he did, or something he was good at. It was him. It was in every fabric of his being, of his nature.

When I got the Experience album, I remember thinking – okay cool, another good addition to my collection. What I wasn’t prepared for was to hear the roots of what helped form so many of the groups I loved; nor was I prepared for the visceral, out-ofbody connection a very pure manifestation of art.

My favorite song of his is “May this Be Love (Waterfall)”, but here’s my close second.