Yup, I still have the first Destiny’s Child CD single down in Miami in a box somewhere. I bought it as soon as it came out, and I haven’t stopped checkin for B since. She’s an undeniable presence, a force in pop music, and yes – she’s already at Madonna/ Michael Jackson / Prince / Elvis status. And not in that order. 

Even at my most ardent anti-pop moments, Queen B’s commanding voice, style, and identity couldn’t be reckoned with. She’s a force of nature, the Goddess incarnate. It’s sad that she’s currently under some weird suspicion, when more absurd, actually hateful opinions are accepted. 

“Halo” is, for me, the mark of the strength of her singing abilities, although she never stops flaunting her outrageous ability and range of voice. She’s authenticity wrapped in a pop icon, something rarely acheived.