rapsody-thank-you-very-much.jpgSo how do I end the month of tributes? What voice among all the choices beat out some of my favorite artists of all time? I present one of the more exciting voices in Hip Hop right now: Rapsody.

Who is Rapsody? She’s one of the best and brightest voices in Hip Hop. She first came to my attention in 2010 or so, on a 9th Wonder track if I’m not mistaken. Whatever the point of discovery, the journey since has been nothing but inspiring. With each verse she drops, she adds a layer to her identity. Lyrically it’s difficult to think of someone as captivating in rap right now, spitting hard-edged socially conscious rhymes and going bar for bar with some of the best, more recognized voices. It was no surprise that she was the sole guest appearance to steal the show for a moment on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. “Complexion” was the perfect platform to support what so many already knew: that Rapsody was a force to be reckoned with. Breaking the typical male/female love story format, Rapsody tells a highly relatable story about the need to respect each other with our language and our actions. More specifically, it’s a plea to her fellow African Americans to acknowledge the variety of complexions as equally beautiful, something a lot of other cultures should consider more carefully as well. Lyrically it’s on a whole different planet – she weaves name drops into her verse so that thematically they emphasize her thesis, while also providing those “wait wait wait, rewind that! did she just say that?” moments about every other bar.

The way she stacks bars is incredible. Her flow is unparalleled.  Her metaphor game is doctoral. And, yo – she’s from North Carolina. Yup. NC keeps producing some of the best voices of Hip Hop. J Cole. 9th Wonder. Newer-comer King Mez. But to me, Rapsody epitomizes the future of rap. She dips back into that socially conscious era of rap without trying to merely cash in on nostalgia; she spits hard lyrics without sounding like she’s trying to be anyone else; and her authenticity cannot be questioned.

So for my song choice, I decided upon a song that has shades of everything she does so well. But ultimately it’s an unceasing lyrical barrage. You’ll need to listen to it 2 or 3 times. You’ll probably need to look up the lyrics, too. (You’re welcome.) And, you’re welcome.