So far, Wendig has not improved his protagonists, with the exception of Jas and Sinjir – the effectively “bad” characters gone good… Well, gone dubious.

But Grand Admiral Sloane and her advisor are fascinating characters, and the continual insight into post-Empire life keeps me turning the pages. He writes from unique perspectives about the Galaxy far, far away, and each unique voice – from broken Imperial officer losing his grip on power, to the New Republic commandant insistent on the fact that being in war means killing people, means a murder of sorts – lends to a galaxy enriching panoramic view of the effects of war. Sloane – the standout for me – struggles to understand the definition of power, and struggles moreso with attempting to balance politicking with good governance.

And a chapter about Maz Kanata can’t hurt. She is written well, and her minor scene, one of the interludes unrelated (directly) to the overall narrative, is further evidence that he gets it right in fits and spurts. Still, I’m only now warming up to the major protagonists, and I think his two biggest mistakes – the mom afraid for who her son could become, and the wacky droid – are nowhere near being rectified.

If this entire series were from that post-Imperial perspective, with perhaps a Suicide Squad-esque small contingent playing a smaller role, and the masterful interludes, I think he’d have an unequivocal winner.