What an AMAZING day. I met many librarians that exemplify why we are essential to schools, especially in the exciting ways we use our many skills on a regular basis in innovative ways. Be prepared to help support my efforts to advocate for libraries and education in general once the wedding is finished and I’m married to the love of my life. 

Here are a few of the takeaways:

1. Got to meet Kwame Alexander and Laurie Halse Anderson. 

2. They both spoke beautifully, and Laurie discussed race, including white privilege, candidly, saying: “They aren’t frightened of the topics… but of their own inadequacy in addressing that fear.” (About people afraid to discuss race). 


“We can only be who we are. That’s why we turn to diverse books – to expand ourselves.” 

3. Learned A LOT and was inspired by other librarians proving that we are VITAL to schools. 

4. Got to spend some time with my fabulous PLC mates, especially my middle school crew. It’s always great to spend time together, and it’s obvious that we’re building a strong group of dedicated, creative innovators. Be prepared. 

5. Same idea, different note – the downtime was equally special. I got to learn about my middle school PLC mates on personal levels, something that’s always hard to squeeze in. 

6. Next year I’m staying onsite because that many librarians in one place is pure kinetic energy. 

7. Already have an idea for presenting next year. 🙂

8. I love conferences! (But going to a session at every slot can be exhausted.)

9. I love my profession, my calling. I feel energized and inspired, but equally challenged to do better, to be better, to work harder. 

10. Librarians meeting authors is like anyone else meeting major celebrities. Except the authors talk to you, engage in conversation, take selfies, and are legitimately grateful when you praise them AND for the work you do. 

11.  Some year’s NCSLMA should include an option to go with a teacher from one’s school, so they can contribute AND learn about the possibilities first (second?) hand.