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Does anybody else hold a fond spot in their memories for that point between 1999 and 2002 when the West Coast had a bit of a Dogg Pound based revival?

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A new segment, in which I examine the good songs on bad albums, the bad songs on good albums, throwaway lines on bangers, memorable lines on terrible song choices, and reevaluations of once loved or reviled albums.

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I’ve posted about him many, many times, so I thought I’d put together a little music video primer. CyHi the Prynce is the most underutilized member of GOOD Music, and for years I’ve been scratching my head about why artists like Big Sean are getting more attention than he is. Recently he announced that his official debut album is about to drop, which makes me laugh because he’s got so many burners in his catalog already, including the Black Hystori Mixtapes that I’ve been banging for years. So here’s a little playlist of some of my personal favorites for you to enjoy.

  1. Is there a term to describe the desire to write a “Destroy and Rebuild” (by Nas) of one’s own? People say stupid things that misrepresent and generalize, and it infuriates me to the point that I want to write such a song… but then I remember I’d have no audience.
  2. I miss Eyedea, and I saw a meme wondering why people care so much about the possible Eminem/Drake beef when Eyedea would’ve roasted them both. I agree.
  3. I really think Killer Mike is now in my Top 5.

Atmosphere and Sway don’t disappoint with this video series. It’s got everything you expect from pre-release Rhymesayers videos – humor, insight into the musical process, and unique settings. Videos like the help set the tone of the record, while also delivering just enough content to tide us over until the album drops. They’ve also dropped 3 songs from the album, but in trying to hold back until I get my copy to listen to anything other than the first two

I have a very real question for everyone. Why isn’t Big Pun’s verse in “The Foundation” from Tony Touch’s The Piecemaker mentioned among his greatest verses, let alone the greatest appearances period?

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BARS. BARS. BARS. Common drops bars for Sway, and Common blows us all away. The lyrics are nice, the cadence is varied, and the message is nuanced and urgent. Again I present Common against any criticisms of Hip Hop, and against any questions about the longevity of the culture and the music.